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The Best Saskatchewan Albums of 2021

The Long List

Marking its seventh year, The Best Saskatchewan Albums of 2021 is our annual year-end list drawing attention to great Saskatchewan music released in an album format in any musical style over the past year (eligibility period October 15, 2020-October 30, 2021). This project is to promote and celebrate Saskatchewan music. We seek to raise more awareness of our province's music and celebrate our artists’ many successes over the eligibility period. 

This year, a long list of 37 albums was selected by a music industry jury to be presented to the public, who were able to vote online. Those votes determine the Top Ten Best Saskatchewan Albums of 2021, with the top spot receiving the 2021 Saskatchewan Music Award for Album of the Year. Voting ran December 2-16/21 with thousands of votes logged. Voting was open to anyone in the world, with a voting limit of one vote per unique email address for the duration of the voting period.

Check out The Top Ten

Long List Sampler - Spotify
Long List Sampler - YouTube

A R I E, Misconceptions
Alien to the Ignorant, A Dying Art
Amanda Hagel, Be The Light
Andino Suns, 9/11
Ariel, Libra
Ava Wild and Merky Waters, Existing
Beach Body, Walking Holiday
Blume Hinges, Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain
Ches Anthony, Stories From Yesterday and Today
Étienne Fletcher, Entre-deux
Ev Thompson, Roller Coaster
Flash Back, Wide Awake
The Garrys, Get Thee to a Nunnery
The Helpless, The Helpless
Hunter Brothers, Been A Minute
Jake Vaadeland, Retro Man
Jeff D. Michel, Back to the Moon
Jeffery Straker, Just Before Sunrise
Jess Moskaluke, The Demos
Karissa Hoffart, Life of Mine
Last Birds, Last Birds
Marie-Claire, From the Red Room
Marie-Véronique Bourque, Entre Québec & Saskatchewan
Munro & Patrick, Give Me Your Rain
Peace Flag Ensemble, Noteland
People of the Sun, Last Day of Summer
Ritual Rabbits, The Middle of Somewhere
The Saskatchewan All Stars Big Band, The Saskatchewan Suite
Seven Mile Sun, Light In The Dark
Skip Jr. Campbell & Dream Creeps, Skip Jr. Campbell & Dream Creeps
Slow Down Molasses, Minor Deaths
Trash Hawks, Being Ill
Tucker Lane, Random Fireworks on a Beach Obscured By Trees
Tyler Gilbert, The Fallen
vbnd, Scum Funk
W3APONS, Adios Radio
Wolf Willow, Old Guitars & Shooting Stars

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