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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where we'll corral some frequently asked questions about the 2023 Saskatchewan Music Awards. We'll update it if we receive new ones!

Why wasn't (insert name) nominated?

The answer to this is usually one of the following:

- They didn't submit. (This is very common. Step one to a nomination is they need to submit.)

- They were not selected as a nominee through the jury process. Not all submissions can move forward as nominees.
- They were ineligible/did not meet the awards criteria (see guidelines for category criteria.)

Can SaskMusic board and staff be nominees?

Yes. There's a note in the submissions guidelines: As per the SaskMusic Policy Guide, SaskMusic staff and board members are eligible to stand as nominees as long as they had no involvement or influence in the jury selection or tabulations for their submitted category(ies).


Board members are subject to the same eligibility criteria as anyone else in the industry, and have no involvement in the intake process, vetting, or how juries are assembled (ie they don't know who is on the juries). Any staff members who submit are subject to the same eligibility criteria as everyone else, and are completely removed from having any involvement in the jury processes - jury selection, adjudicating, tabulations, etc. Jurors themselves operate under a conflict of interest policy, and can (and do) remove themselves from evaluating a submission if they are in a conflict of interest.

We also have some more detailed conflict of interest policies for board and staff in our policy guide. The nut of it is that we want actively working artists and industry folks on our board, and preventing them from participating in our programs would mean we have less folks wanting to volunteer for our board. We don't want to hold anyone back as a penalty for donating their time.

How do I become a juror for the SMAs?

You can apply through our SaskMusic General Juror signup form.

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